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Family Of Optometry Mentors

THE FAMILY OF OPTOMETRIC MENTORS – FOM is simply an Optometric Community of Mentors taking care of Optometrists-in-need. 

FOM program utilizes a program feature known as Mentor Families which is when 3 to 4 mentors and mentees engage in structured optometric activities together. This Mentor Families component aims to decrease feelings of isolation, increase mentor confidence and commitment, and also provide that full sense of fulfillment for both optometric mentee and mentors.

In the Family Mentoring program, Optometrists-in-need are matched with trained volunteer mentors who work with them, one-on-one, over an extended period. Mentors are chosen based on clinical experience and versatility in advanced / modern instrumentations. Once a mentee is trained and fully equipped with up-to-date experience, he or she automatically becomes a mentor and a member of FOM and will be saddled with the responsibility of training others that are in need. This is a network and it will go a long way to assist Optometrists and elevate the standard of practice in Optometry.

Form Application for Mentee 

The Mentorship Program is offered to you by the NIGERIAN OPTOMETRIC ASSOCIATION, in conjunction with The FAMILY OF OPTOMETRIC MENTORS. The main purpose of this Mentorship Program is to update your knowledge with the current innovations in Optometric practice and improve your standard of clinical practice.
This mentorship programme will create a rewarding relationship between the mentor and the mentee. The mentee will benefit from the up-to-date, professional experience of his mentor. It provides the mentor the opportunity to deal withthe challenges mentee may face in career development and clinical practice. It also enables the mentor the opportunity to contribute to a mentee’s personal and professional growth by sharing knowledge, expertise and clinical experience. Mentorship also helps the mentor to develop his leadership skills and clinical prowess.

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