Key Information About the Nigerian Optometric Association Insurance Policy

Preamble: This insurance cover is for members of the Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA) desirous of having support extended to them in life events such as death, illness or medical eventualities, and professional practice challenges. In essence, those who subscribe to it shall be covered in these instances to the respective limits as specified in the attached document.

Recent events within our community have necessitated the need for this kind reminder of our still-running Group Insurance/Welfare scheme.

The NEC has devoted significant energy and resources to negotiate for this bespoke package, a considerable improvement on the previous package, offering extended benefits to you/your beneficiaries in several life circumstances covered by the scheme, such as Temporal Disability (TD), Permanent Total Disability (PTD), and Funeral Expenses (FE), in addition to the previous items covered (Death and Professional Indemnity).

Furthermore, you also need a Professional Indemnity as a requirement to participate in the NHIS and be listed as a Health Care Provider under the scheme.

FBNI (First Bank Nigeria Insurance), a leading/reputable firm in the industry, has been and are still our underwriters and have been efficiently managing the scheme (evidenced by their handling of the incident involving the late Dr Lucky Kina)

Most importantly, all these benefits come at a well-reduced premium of just Ten Thousand (10,000.00) naira only…..TEN THOUSAND NAIRA ONLY! That’s what you ordinarily pay for Professional Indemnity ONLY.  This is a clear definition of getting more for less!

Since April 2019, the NEC has been shouting/re-emphasizing on the need to key into the NOA Insurance programme, to help provide substantial financial cushions for members to mitigate life’s challenges. Regrettably, only a handful of members have taken action. 

If recent developments within us have not served as an eye-opener to us, nothing else will! Once more, the NEC calls on every member of the NOA to get on board the NOA Insurance/Group Welfare programme; take advantage of the discounted premium and sign up.

Subscribe today by paying into the NOA Welfare Account:
Account name: Nigerian Optometric Association
Account number: 0797248584
Banker: Access Bank.

Dr Haulder Ibeneche on +2348033288116 for processing.

“Taking insurance against risks in the business of Optometry with reputable Insurance Company is recommended to all optometrists”…Dr. Jokotoye Babalola, Former President, Nigerian Optometric Association(NOA), in Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association (JNOA) Volume 5, No 1, June 1990, Pp3-6.

PS: Your insurance cover runs for one calendar year.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is insured? – This is as specified in the document attached. For Medical Expenses, FBNI shall settle the medical bills directly to the Hospital or refund the money if bills have already been paid subject to the limit of cover as specified in the policy.

*Kindly note: Suicide is excluded from this cover as a World Standard Practice.

 2. When does the cover begin and end?: Insurance Contract operates on “No Premium, No Cover”. The Insurance contract begins upon the receipt of payment of Insurance premium by FBNI for listed members and expires one (1) year from the date each premium reaches the insurer. It is also renewable upon expiration.

3. Conditions of Insurance: There are General Insurance conditions provided in the Policy Document from the FBNI/FBNGI which is issued upon receipt of premium.

4. Who is not insured?: Any member that did not subscribe through the Association.

5. How to enrol? Pay the premium into the NOA Account as provided in the related mail to this. Notify the provided intermediary and produce the necessary information and details. THAT’S ALL!

6. How many people can a single Policy Cover? A single policy covers ONLY one person as it is a rolled-up cover that is individual specific.

7. If a lawsuit arises after expiration of Insurance Contract but the incident occurred during the period of Insurance? – It is covered as long as there is proof to show that incident occurred within the insurance period/ year.

Now that you know, don’t go uncovered any longer! Subscribe today.

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