Journal of the Nigerian Optometric Association (JNOA): Call for Papers

This international, peer-reviewed journal is an official publication of the Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA), devoted to bringing together for its specialized audience up-to-date clinical and scientific research information and novel developments in the broad fields of Optometry and Health Sciences, providing a medium for their rapid publication and facilitating greater understanding among researchers.


  1. The journal now has online versions, effectively reaching an even larger worldwide audience.
  • Hardcopies are available on request via the Editor-in-chief (see below) and, on both the NOA website, and the African Journals website;, the full texts of each edition of the journal are logged and can be accessed thereof. 
  • Authors of successfully published works are presented with a Certificate of Publication from the NOA.
  • Currently, the Journal is now being published twice a year; January and July editions.


➢   Peer Review Process

All manuscripts are reviewed double-blindly by two or more referees to ensure accuracy and relevance. Based on the referees’ recommendations, the manuscript may be reviewed by the author(s) before final acceptance. The gallery proof of the final review will be sent in PDF to the corresponding author through email for final correction before publication.

➢   Journal Sponsorship

The Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association (JNOA) receives funding and support from the Nigerian Optometric Association, a registered non-profit organization.

➢   Publisher 

Nigerian Optometric Association (NOA)

C/o: Editorial Board,

Suite 219 Jinifa Plaza, Plot 1014 Samuel Ademulegun Adesoji Street, 

Central Business District-Abuja, Nigeria 

Mobile: +234805-503-7693   


The Editorial Board of the above-named journal herein cordially invite researchers/authors to submit original research reports, review articles, case reports and short communications, conference, seminar and workshop reports, etc., to be considered for publication in the upcoming editions of the Journal.

Each edition of the Journal is sure to be bumper packed and shall definitely reflect the increasing profile of the JNOA by surpassing already set standards.

Do you have any work(s) worthy of publication?

Kindly send it (them) in accordance with the information provided below:

  1. Author Guidelines

The journal will publish original research reports, review articles, case reports and short communications, conference, seminar and workshop reports. Such manuscripts must be professionally relevant and appeal to audience in the broad fields of Eye Care/Vision Sciences and Public Health; Primary Care Optometry, Public Health Optometry, Rehabilitative Optometry and Low Vision Care, Paediatric Optometry, Corneal and Contact Lenses, Ocular Health, Orthoptics and Vision Therapy, Anatomy, Physiology, Epidemiology, Economics and Sociology of Vision and Blindness, Ocular Biomedics, Optics and Instrumentation, Optometric Education and History, etc. Publication of papers in this journal requires strict compliance with specifications as outlined herein.

2. Manuscript

Work contained therein:

a. MUST be original to the author (s)

b. Should be submitted to the editor in electronic copy by email or CD forms.

c. Should not exceed 16 pages/8000 words

d. Should be legible with compact notations used, and each symbol properly aligned to distinguish between superscripts and subscripts 

3. Format of Paper

The paper should include:

a. A cover letter accompanying the manuscript, indicating the significance of the study and also certifying that the article has not been previously published elsewhere. All authors’ full names, email addresses and affiliations, including the corresponding author’s telephone number will be required. The Journal will publish manuscripts written in English, using A4 paper size with 1.25 inches margin on all sides. Preferred font size is 12 using Times New Romans.

b. Title of paper

c. Abstract (Not more than 250 words, unstructured in one paragraph and should provide a brief narrative of the objectives, methods, results and conclusion of the study.  For purpose of indexing, 3 to 6 keywords will be adequate)

d. Introduction

e. Materials and Methods

f. Results (Tables and figures should not exceed six (6) pages, typed using 10 points font size.)

g. Discussion

h. Conclusion

i. Acknowledgement (where necessary, not more than 100 words)

4.  References

Vancouver Style [In text citation- use numbers in superscript before punctuation mark (eg. Studies 1-3, have shown that…), Reference listing should be done in the order in which they appear in the text. (eg  Akponye C, Ogugua CA. Corneal Contours in the general populations as revealed by the Photokeratoscope. Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association. 2010; 4 (5):300-400)

5. Copyright Notice 

Submission of a manuscript indicates an understanding that the paper is not under active consideration for publication with any other journal. Once a paper is accepted for publication, the author(s) cede copyright to the publishers of the Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association.

6. Publication Charge

Currently, manuscripts accepted for publication are published without any charge to the author.

7. Disclaimer

Concerted efforts are always made by the Publisher and the Editorial Board to see that no inaccurate or misleading information, opinion or assertion appears in this journal. However, information and opinions appearing in the articles of this journal are the sole responsibility of the author(s) concerned. The Publisher, Editorial Board, their agents or employees, accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the consequences of any inaccurate information.




Dr Bernadine Nsa EkpenyongOD, MPH, PhD, FNCO, Department of Public Health, College of Medical Sciences, University of Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
M: +2348033475138; +2348050544785

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dr Godwin Ovenseri-Ogbomo
Department of Optometry, University of Benin, Benin City

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