A Message From the President of the Nigerian Optometric Association

Dear esteemed NOA member,

First, let’s thank God for getting to the end of 2019; it has been quite challenging yet by sheer resilience, we have reached the end.
We have seen the highs, which were a sign that we had the right combination of attitude, determination and support.

We had several positive media engagements to showcase our professional prowess, as well as several advocacy visits to key audiences. Prospective new partners were identified and the prospects are being explored while maintaining already existing ones.

Our World Glaucoma and Sight Days were outstanding as we continued to generate increasing goodwill and publicity from society by drawing attention to at-risk populations. Internally, successful elections were held many of our chapters, and new chapters also came on stream.

We have advanced some of our national assets. The Conference in Calabar was quite a success in many respects, and we expect Lagos to surpass that. We have strengthened the state Chapters to make them more responsive to the expectations of members.

In all these, we all have exhibited quite some positive characteristics that can only be seen from noble comrades of light; determination, unity of purpose, generosity, etc.

We have also shown that we care about how the NOA and Optometry develop by our constructive engagements; lessons have been learnt amidst all these and I am very optimistic that 2020 will be better drawing from the lessons of 2019.

We also witnessed the lows, some of which were thrust on us without warning.

The year hardly began when we lost an icon, Dr Uduak Udom, on January 14. Through our collective resolve, we honoured her with a befitting burial. In the interval since, we have been challenged on multiple fronts, losing key members including our legend, Dr Ronald Eyime.

Just when we thought we have seen it all, Dr Kelvin Anuku’s tragic death nearly stretched our hearts beyond the limit as it was so disheartening, yet our sheer will enable us to overcome all these. May the souls of all our departed members find eternal rest….Amen.

The darkest days are behind us. I urge us to always remember all families who passed through these extreme challenges in our prayers, and also pray that affliction shall not rise a second time in our midst.

This year (2020), we shall be holding our usual programmes:

  1. The ODORBN Townhall meeting will hold this year at several locations and I herein strongly call us out to participate in these programmes, so we can find some lasting solutions to the things that ail us.
  2. Come March, our World Glaucoma and World Optometry Days will be upon us. We shall showcase Optometry once more.
  3. Our Annual Conference and AGM, the NOA ‘Christmas’, will hold in Lagos in July.
  4. The Fellowship of the Nigerian Optometric Association (FNOA) shall mark its 25th Anniversary (1995-2020) and we are planning a befitting programme to be held within the Conference.
  5. Our World Sight Day will be in October as always and promises to be even better
  6. There shall be several other activities in between both at the chapter and national levels
  7. Pursuit of Life Insurance/Professional Indemnity cover for members, etc.

In all these, I enjoin us all to exceed our previous levels of participation in NOA events and go beyond our limits to make them huge successes. Let us strive to develop and improve on the confidence (which is a function of attitude) and competence (which is a function of ability) to attain the successes that we all need.

I enjoin us all to be active and supportive of our respective state chapters for that is the building block and the stock of the commonwealth of our Association.

A weak state Structure is a recipe for a weak national Association. Play your part and let our collective efforts lead to a resounding victory for all.

I want to reassure you of my commitment to lead the Association along the lines of equity, fairness and accountability.

As an aside, today remains the last day for early payment of our national and chapter dues. We are already half-way through our fiscal year and it is only appropriate that we pay our kindly make use of the appropriate account details and remit your dues to the respective quarters before the end of the day.

On our part, we promise to continue to keep our ship of collective professional destiny steady and on course. I believe that Together, we can do more.

Finally, I wish us all a Prosperous and enriching new year.

Thank you.

Dr Ozy Okonokhua L. (FNOA).

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